Can call us ‘Sir’ not “my lord” or “your lordship”: Rajasthan High Court

The Hush Post|12:30 |1-min-read

On Monday, the Judges at Rajasthan High Court asked lawyers to stop the practice of addressing judges as “my lord” and “your lordship”. They said they were comfortable with simply being called ‘Sir’. The high court took this decision to come out with the ancient address for its judges.

The notification requested lawyers and litigants to address judges simply as “sir” or “srimanji”. The resolution to abandon the practice of judges being addressed as ‘My Lord’ was passed in the first Full Court meeting chaired by new Chief Justice S Ravindra Bhatt.

The retired high court judges also welcomed this step and said that the practice that started during the British rule is redundant now. V S Dave, former Rajasthan HC judge said, “As a high court judge, I was always keen on looking into the arguments of a counsel and documentary evidence supporting his argument. Addressing me as ‘My Lord’ is not what matters to me. There are many lawyers who use ‘My Lord’ 5 to 6 times in the course of speaking a sentence even as their cases and arguments remain weak. So, this is a welcome step”.









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