Doctors remove 115 metal nails, iron pellet, metal wire from man’s stomach

The Hush Post|12:00 am|1-min-read

Surgeons at a government hospital in Rajasthan were shocked to see around 115 metal nails, an iron pellet and metal wire in the the stomach of a 42-year-old man during a surgery in Bundi, Rajasthan. The doctors who performed the surgery said that it might be possible that the patient was in the habit of swallowing these items leading to accumulation of such objects in his stomach.

Dr Anil Saini, senior surgeon of Bundi district hospital said, “The patient Bhola Shankar was brought to the hospital with complaint of pain in the abdomen”.

Bhola is psychologically unstable and is not in a situation to say anything about how these items may have found their way into his body.

Meanwhile, the patient was recovering well. Dr Saini said the nails could have killed the man if they had punctured his intestines.

A couple of years ago, a similar case was reported from Bundi in which 150 stationery pins were recovered from a 56-year-old man’s body. The pins were found in the neck and limbs of the man, who also had mental illness.




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