Woman kills her own daughter over suspicion of physical relationship with husband

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Woman kills her daughter over suspicion of having a physical relationship with dad.

The Hush Post: Kharghar Police has arrested a 36-year-old woman for allegedly strangulating her own daughter. She has been charged with strangulating her 16-year-old daughter. Reason: She suspected that her daughter was in a sexual relationship with her father.

After the post-mortem was carried out, the woman was arrested on Wednesday.

As per the post-mortem, the cause of death was suffocation due to strangulation. The accused is a housewife and her husband is a contractor. Two of their children—the victim and their son, aged 12 —lived with them in Kharghar while the other two a teenage son and daughter lived at their native place in Rajasthan.

The accused strangulated the victim with her dupatta inside their house When her husband came home for lunch he saw their daughter in the bedroom. His wife said she was fast asleep. Then, at about 4pm, she called to inform her husband that their daughter was completely motionless. He immediately came home and found her dead. Since there were strangulation marks, the police was called.

The police recorded statements of the classmates of the girl. One of the girls told the police that the victim had once confided to her that her mother used to beat her owing to a suspicion that she slept with her father. The girl had attempted suicide earlier as well by drinking a bottle of phenyl in February.


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