Woman sleep walks and drowns six-month old baby, confesses the crime she did “unknowingly”

The Hush Post | 16:15 | One-minute read

A 35-year-old woman allegedly drowned her six-month-old son in a water tank in Kota, Rajasthan. Police said that the woman committed the crime in deep sleep in the wee hours on Sunday.

The woman who was identified as Deepika Gujjar, a resident of Saraswati Colony in the city, has been arrested under Section 302 of the IPC.

According to the police, Deepika took her baby, Shiva to the second floor of their three-storied house and drowned him in the water tank before resuming her sleep on the first floor.

The husband Sitaram Gujjar, who is schoolteacher found the boy missing around 1:30 am. The accused mother joined her husband and mother-in-law in the hunt for the child without disclosing the crime, police added.

The matter reached the police Sunday afternoon but the woman continued misleading them till Monday afternoon.

Later she broke down during questioning and confessed to the crime. In her confession the woman told the police that she unknowingly took her baby to the water tank and drowned him in it.

The police however said that the woman does not have history of any mental disorder but they were probing this aspect as well.

Two of her children had died of natural causes earlier.

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