Ram Chandra Guha dragged & detained by Bengaluru police |WATCH VIDEO

ram chandra guha

The Hush Post| 12:57 pm|one-minute-read|

Renowned historian Ramchandra Guha was dragged by the police in the middle of his interview. The police detained him along with dozens in Bengaluru during a protest against the Citizenship law.

Guga was in a protest at the Town Hall in the city. In parts of Bengaluru, Section 144 or a ban on large gatherings has been enforced since last evening ahead of today’s protests.

“I stand detained by police for holding a poster of Gandhi and speaking about the constitution to the press,” Ramchandra Guha said.

“The police are working under directions from central government. We are protesting non-violently against a discriminatory act, in a disciplined way. Look here, everyone is protesting peacefully. Have you seen any violence?”

Ram Guha retorted: “Dear Police Commissioner, your Government’s decision has brought disgrace to this ‘international destination’. This was to be a peaceful protest by citizens who wish to uphold the values of our Constitution. You have used a colonial-era law to suppress us and our voices.”

Protests are taking place across the country against the Citizenship law. The CAA makes it easier for non-Muslims from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh to become citizens of India.

Protesters say the law discriminates against Muslims and is a violation of the constitution.

Around 30 protesters demonstrated with flags and placards.

The decision to impose Section 144 based on violence elsewhere in the country is under question. Congress’s Rajeev Gowda has filed a Public Interest Litigation against the move.



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