Ram Setu was built by ancient Indian engineers, Union HRD minister tells IIT Kharagpur students

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Union HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank had done it again. This time he has claimed that the ‘Ram Setu’ was built by Indian engineers during the ancient times. The minister, known for linking Indian mythology and science, was interacting with the students of Indian Institute of Technology in Kharagpur on Tuesday.

Nishank was attending the institute’s 65th convocation.

“Do we have any doubts that we had good engineers in ancient times? For example, who built the ‘Ram Setu’? Was it built by engineers from US, Britain, and Germany? No… Ram Setu was built by our engineers,” News 18 quoted Nishank as saying.

As soon as Nishank made the claim, the convocation was met with a pin drop silence. The minister even attempted to coax a response out of the students, but to no avail. “Thik hain? Sahi hain? Aap Chup Kyon Hain? (Am I right? Is it right? Please say something. Why are you silent?)” Nishank insisted till the students were obliged to clap.

The minister also touched upon some mythological beliefs as to why Lord Shiva is called ‘Neel Kantha’ and that Sanskrit is the ‘Dev Vani’ or the voice of God.

“In future, if we develop ‘bolnewala’ computers, then you have to prove it that Sanskrit is the most scientific and appropriate language for talking computers,” he said.

In another comment on the water crisis he said, “People call us ‘Lakir ka Fakir’ (conservative) because we call River Ganges ‘ma’ and trees ‘devata’ (god). See today, the world is facing an acute water crisis because we failed to protect our ‘ma’. One must understand that our ancient thought was based on science.”


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