Remove your skin tan using these natural methods


Summer is here in its full glory and the biggest fear everyone has is the fear of skin tan. Of course, we all hate it, especially the people who stay on roads facing the dust and dime and the heat most of the time.

Definitely we can cover the exposed parts with a scarf and sun block creams but still those methods do not prove to be 100 percent effective. Regular care is required and still that is not tough. There are many natural ingredients which are easily available in your kitchen that can help you get rid of sun tan.



Yoghurt has natural skin whitening elements. You can make a paste using yoghurt and mix gram flour (besan) or sandalwood powder with it. Apply the paste to your tanned area and remove it after it gets dry. If used consistently, it can definitely work wonders.



Gram flour also known as besan, works both ways i.e. exfoliation and removing sun tan. You can make a paste using besan, curd, milk or even rose water for effective results. Apply it to the tanned area and remove it after it gets dry.





Tomato has natural skin brightening agents. Applying tomato on your skin is quite easy, just take a tomato, cut it into half and rub around the tanned area. Applying a tomato regularly may ensure effective skin results.



A potato has natural bleaching agents which act as a toner. Similarly like a tomato, cut the potato in two halves and rub it around the affected areas. Using it regularly and it will lessen your skin tan.




Lemon is a master ingredient to remove sun tan. Just squeeze and rub a lemon around the tanned area. You will notice the difference after applying it a few times.





When we talk about dark circle around eyes, cucumber is the first recommendation. Similarly, cucumber is effective for remove skin tan too. Rub the slice of cold cucumber on tanned areas and it will provide you the necessary relief.




Coffee powder is effective to remove skin tan. Mix the coffee powder with yoghurt and make a pack type consistency. Apply to the tanned part. You can even use it as an exfoliating ingredient.


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