“I will decide my own fate,” reads Facebook post of Nishu, the Rewari gangrape accused


The Hush Post: One of the accused in the Rewari gangrape case, Nishu has appeared in many Haryanvi entertainment albums.

Nishu is the only one among the three main accused who have been arrested.

From his Facebook posts, it appears that he is a serial offender. From the posts, it seems that in the past he has allegedly committed crimes of the similar nature, maybe, of lesser severity but wasn’t caught. This gang-rape is a result of it. In one Facebook post he has written: “I will get to decide my own fate.”


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Posted by Nishu Phogat on Wednesday, 25 April 2018

In one of the posts Nishu has written, “Everyone thinks that each one of us have girlfriends. But they don’t know I like to snatch others’ girlfriends and women.”


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Posted by Nishu Phogat on Saturday, 12 May 2018

He has also shared many videos, which smacks of immodesty. Nishu has also gone on to write that ever since the village has got the RO system, boys of the village do not get to romance girls at the water well.

Nishu strayed into bad company or rather became part of it after twelfth standard exams.

Nishu’s father who became disabled after an accident had huge expectations from him. Nishu himself wanted to become a Kabaddi player along with Pankaj and sought training from the victim’s father.

A couple of days, ago some masked women on News 18 network had said that there is a gang of about 20 men in the village who commit crime against women and there is no one to rebuke them. Nishu is one of them.


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