Robbers loot Rs 7 lakh from Blossom Convent School, Ludhiana

Principal's office

The Hush Post |13:45pm| 1-minute-read

In the wee hours of Saturday, robbers targeted Blossom Convent School in Ludhiana and escaped with Rs 7 lakhs from the principal’s office. The accused had beaten the school security guard and tied him from a chair.

The school authorities came to know about the incident the next morning. When the security guard who was on the morning shift arrived for duty he freed the security guard who then narrated the entire incident.

Upon getting the information, the police reached the spot. The clue about the robbers has come from the closed-circuit television cameras installed in the school premises.

A case has been registered against unidentified robbers by Manpreet Singh Brar, the president of school management. He said the money which was stolen was the examination fee collected from the students.

Karamjit Singh, the security guard, said he was at the gate when six miscreants climbed the school’s compound wall from the rear end. One of them knocked at the main gate. He told the police, “When I went near the gate, six of them attacked me with iron rods and sharp-edged weapons. They had beaten me and tied me with a chair with my turban. They had covered their faces with cloth and had a gun as well. The robbers took keys of the rooms from me and went inside.”

The robbers stole Rs 7 lakh from the principal’s office. Forensic team of police collected fingerprints of the robbers from the principal’s office. Sub-inspector Navdeep Singh said involvement of someone who knew about the money being kept in the school is likely.



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