Rotomac offices locked for more than a week, but owner Vikram Kothari says “I am very much in India, will repay all loans soon”

The Hush Post: Vikram Kothari, chairman and MD of Rotomac Global Pvt. Ltd. from Kanpur, who went missing after defaulting on repayment of Rs 4,232-crore loans from five public sector banks, has said that he is very much in India and has not fled the country. He issued a statement on Sunday saying he was very much in Kanpur. “So far as the issue of loans is concerned, I have been in talks with banks for long. Three meetings have taken place with the banks. The matter is pending with the tribunal,” he said in the statement.

“Don’t call it a scam. Banks have declared my company non performing asset (NPA), but not defaulter. The matter is still sub judice with National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT). I have taken loans and will repay it all soon,” Kothari said in the statement. The Rotomac office on the Mall Road in Kanpur had been locked for the past few days. Kothari was not available on the phone, which made bank officials suspicious and raise an alarm with the police.


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