Who is Vikram Kothari? He is the newest scam daddy; WATCH VIDEO of Svelte Raveena Tandon promoting the Rotomac pens of this on-the-run man

Rotomac Salman Khan Vikram Kothari
Rotomac Pens owner Vikram Kothari is absconding after a Rs 800-crore scam.

The Hush Post: Do you remember the TV ad of the 90s Likhte Likthe Love ho jaye? Vikram Kothari, the man behind the Rs 800-crore scam is the one who owned Rotomac Pens of the famed ad catchline Likhte Likhte love ho jaye. Kothari is the Chairman & MD at Rotomac Global Private Limited. He has been running the business for over 45 years. Before the Rotomac pens, he was the one who brought to the world a mouth freshner Pan Parag. This was in 1973.

Between 1983 and 1987, Pan Parag was the biggest advertiser on television, even more than the washing powder Nirma, Maggi noodles, Lijat Papad, Dinesh Suitings and Bombay Dyeing.  After his father MM Kothari died, sons Deepak Kothari and Vikram Kothari took business into their own hands.

Vikram started a business of stationery, pens and greeting cards.  At the time there were no computers and laptops, Kothari’s Rotomac Pen business gained ground. It was then a war between a perfect Reynolds 045 pens and Rotomac Pens and even actor Salman Khan used to advertise for Rotomac Pens. Later, the svelte Raveena Tandon also sang and danced to the tunes of music made for Likhte-likhte way back in 1995.


Kothari was also honoured by former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee with the Best Exporter award, conferred by FIEO in collaboration with Union Ministry of Commerce. Kothari also used to head Rotomac Exports Pvt. Ltd, Kothari Foods and Fragrances, Mohan Steels Limited, Crown Alba Writing Instruments and Rave Entertainment Pvt Ltd, besides real estate ventures at Lucknow, Kanpur, Ahmedabad and Dehradun.

However, soon things changed and Kothari had huge loans on him. There is a case against him for a bounced cheque of Rs 600 crore. The Allahabad Bank also issued an auction notice of three of the houses of Vikram Kothari in September last year. But because of the sheer influence of Kothari in Kanpur, people refused to participate in the auction process. Now he has gone the Nirav Modi, Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi way, out of the country, probably.


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