Rs 1000 crore Fentanyl drug seized in Maharashtra

The Hush Post | 9:11 pm | One-minute read

In a major drug haul, the Anti-Narcotics Cell of the Maharashtra Police today arrested four persons and recovered 100 kgs of Fentanyl drug from their possession. The catch is estimated to be worth 1000 crore rupees in the international market.

The accused have been arrested from Wakola area in Mumbai.The synthetic drug was hidden inside drums. Identified as Salim Bola (52), Ghanshyam Saroj (43), Chandramani Tiwari (41), and Sandip Tiwari, the four were planning to smuggle the drugs to countries abroad.

Fentanyl is extremely dangerous and even a 2 milligram dose can prove fatal. It is generally used in the manufacture of pain-relieving medicines.

Fentanyl is considered even more dangerous than Meow-Meow and Amcat drugs prevelant in the US and Europe. It is also known as China White, Dance Fever, Friend Fever, Great Bear and Murder.

Police revealed that Fentanyl is manufactured in areas lying on the Gujarat and Maharashtra border. The US government had written a letter to Indian authorities asking them to curb the supply.   Around 20,000 persons in 2016 and 29,000 in 2017 have died of Fentanyl overdose in the US.


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