Sachin Tendulkar delights fans by playing Gully Cricket: WATCH VIDEO

Sachin Tendulkar plays gully cricket in Mumbai
Sachin Tendulkar plays gully cricket in Mumbai

The Hush Post: In Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, something or the other is always happening. Many people work hard at nights to ensure they have a better tomorrow, while others simply relax and ponder over the day that just passed.

Yet others find time to chill with their friends after a hectic day. A group of friends was doing something similar, when they were playing cricket on the streets of this megacity a few days ago. But what happened next is something they had never imagine would happen to them.

In a sweet gesture by the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar was seen playing gully cricket with a few young fans on the streets of Mumbai a few days ago.

The video, which was tweeted by Vinod Kambli, went viral soon after he posted it from his account.

The cricket legend was travelling somewhere in his car when he saw a group of boys playing cricket. He stopped the car and got out and went up to the group, who immediately went into a frenzy.

Tendulkar then turned back the clock and played a few exquisite shots, with a road barrier as the stumps. He later took pictures and selfies with the crowd that had gathered.

The video stops when a few cars pass by the group, and on recognising Sachin, screech to a halt.

The little master, as he was fondly called, began his magical career from the streets of Mumbai, playing with a tennis ball, under similar conditions.

The batting maestro scored a mind boggling one hundred international centuries and amassed a total of almost 35,000 runs in his glittering career, that spanned a total of 24 years.




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