Sachin Tendulkar donates entire Rajya Sabha earnings

The Hush Post: Cricketing legend and former Rajya Sabha Member of Parliament, Sachin Tendulkar donated his salary and other earnings as an MP to the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund.

Mr. Tendulkar, whose term as a Rajya Sabha MP ended recently, donated a sum of nearly 90 lakhs to the fund. An MP since 2012, Mr. Tendulkar attended just 7.3 per cent sessions of the Upper House of the Parliament. This amounts to just 29 of the nearly 400 sessions that took place. While he introduced 0 bills, he asked 22 questions in his tenure.

Acknowledging the former MP’s gesture, the PMO said “Prime Minister acknowledges this thoughtful gesture and conveys his gratitude. These contributions will be of immense help in providing assistance to the persons in distress.”

The cricket tycoon has also made good use of the MP Local Area Development Fund. As per data from his office, Mr. Tendulkar has sanctioned 185 projects across the country, and has used 7.4 crore rupees out of the 30 crores allocated to him, on educational and related structural development, which includes building and renovating classrooms. He has also adopted two villages under the Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana Scheme. The two villages adopted by him are Puttam Raju Kandriga in Andhra Pradesh and Donja in Maharashtra.


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