I am Sanjay Gandhi’s son and get my shoe laces tied by these people: Varun Gandhi attacks opposition candidate

The Hush Post | 17:25 | One-minute read

The controversial and fire brand BJP leader Varun Gandhi is well known for his controversial remarks. In a latest Varun Gandhi lambasted the opposition candidate Chandrabhadra Singh alias Sonu during an election rally and said, “I am son of Sanjay Gandhi and from these people I get my shoes laces untied.”

A video featuring these remarks is  viral on different social media platforms. In the video Varun can be seen stating further, “Earlier Sultanpur was used to identify as Amethi’s neighbourhood. After my arrival wherever you go in the world, people would say it is Varun Gandhi’s Sultanpur. This identity will be even more popular when Maneka Gandhi will come to this place.”

Varun Gandhi has been elected from Sultanpur seat in 2014, but for 2019 elections BJP has replaced him with his mother Maneka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi has been given Pilibhit seat which was earlier Maneka’s constituency.

Varun Gandhi fought from Pilibhit in 2009 and won by a margin of 3 lakh votes. His 2009 victory was rather contentious, with the 39-year-old being accused of making hate speeches to polarize the election. He was later acquitted in the case but accusations continue to linger.


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