Terrorist who acted in Bollywood movie Haider, Saqib Bilal, killed in encounter

Saqib Bilal Sheikh

The Hush Post| 15:59 pm | one-minute-read

Saqib Bilal Sheikh featured in a Bollywood movie “Haider,” in 2013. It has now come to light that he has been killed in a gunfight with security forces on Sunday in Srinagar.

Saqib became a terrorist a year after he acted in Haider. He went missing in August along with his 14-year-old friend Mudasir Rashid Parray, who was also among those killed on Sunday.

On August 31, Saqib’s mother asked him to go to a nearby market to get some meat for lunch. That was the last the family saw him.

Saqib’s family had absolutely no clue that he had picked up the gun and turned to terrorism.

Saqib’s maternal uncle Asim Aijaz confirmed, “Yes, he worked in the film ‘Haider.’ But it wasn’t the main role.”

In the film, there was a scene at Amar Singh College in which there were many children and suddenly a bomb blast took place and Saqib’s character was of the lone survivor in that blast, his uncle said.

His family came to know about his death after an encounter between security forces and terrorists happened in which he died

The 17-year-old completed his Class 10 in 2017 and was a theatre artiste and also an accomplished footballer.

After joining terrorists, Saqib returned to his village many times. He even met some of his friends during his visit. However, he never tried to reunite with his family.

“None of his friends told us about his visits, maybe because they were scared of him. He had a gun with him,” Mr Aijaz said.

“The police officer of the area had promised us that they would let us speak to Saqib if ever they caught hold of him. We wanted to ask him what was it that made him choose this path. We always fulfilled all his needs and demands. We wanted to understand what forced him into taking up a gun. But that never happened,” he said.

His family only came to know about his death when an encounter between security forces and terrorists in the outskirts of Srinagar took place. In that encounter, three terrorists were killed including Saqib.


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