School teacher has sex with student in classroom 10 times; gets one year imprisonment

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A married school teacher in the US had sex with her male student inside the classroom not once but 10 times. Besides, she also made out with the boy at her home and in a park. The incident has been reported from Everett in Washington. A local court has sentenced the woman teacher to one year imprisonment.

According to a report in The Sun, 28-year-old Olivia Sondheim first had sex with the boy in 2016 when he was aged 16.

The victim told the court that Olivia had sex with him around 10 times. Olivia, who is a choir teacher at Lynwood High School, even drove the boy to her home on many occassions and romped there.

The court also found Olivia guilty of making out with the teen in a park and on a field trip. The Sun reported that Olivia parted ways with the boy at the end of the school year that year, telling the boy she wanted to focus on her marriage.

She later divorced her husband.

It is reported that another student had leveled allegations of sexual misconduct against Olivia the same year. However, no charges were filed.

Notable, the age of consent in Washington state is 16, but there are stricter rules when it comes to relationships between pupils and teachers or others in position of trust.

Olivia was arrested in 2016 and the court sentenced her to one year behind the bars this week.


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