Sex is emergency in Denmark, Russians holiday for baby-making sex, apart from other low birth rate countries; WATCH VIDEO


In Russia, it is called the national conception day celebrated on September 12 every year

The Hush Post: While India and China are trying to curb their population, there are countries which want their men and women to have sex often.

Leading the list of countries is Denmark. Low population is a concern there. Denmark officially came up with a campaign asking couples to sleep together more often to save their nation.

If you do not want to have children for family, have them for the nation, Danes are repeatedly told. There are even ads which say: “Do it for your mom, meaning thereby give your mother a chance to become a grandma.”

The second nation on the list is Russia, which has a holiday to procreate or have sex. It is called the national conception day celebrated on September 12 every year.

Singapore government in collaboration with the Mint manufacturing agency has called for a national night campaign. The campaign called baby-making a civic duty.

The French government for having three or more children have incentives on education and tax. The Japanese make robots to simulate emotions of parenting in couples.

Demographers are suggesting that a country needs a fertility rate of over two children per woman to hit, replacement fertility, the rate at which new births fill the spaces left behind by the number of deaths.

Interestingly the most sexually satisfied country happens to be the land which manufactures world class chocolates – Switzerland, followed by Spain and Italy as per a survey carried out by Durex condoms. India stands at number eight as far as the sexual satisfaction between the couples in concerned.


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