READ Shashi Tharoor’s apt reply to unusual invitation card from chemistry teacher

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A hilarious wedding invitation card of a chemistry teacher is doing the rounds on social media. And it got more life after former union minister Shashi Tharoor took to Twitter on Thursday afternoon to share a picture of a wedding invitation. The couple’s name on the card was written in chemical symbols – Vn+Sa – to represent Vithun and Soorya.

The minister shared the image of the wedding card which is doing the rounds on the internet under the name ‘Chemistry Teacher’s Wedding Invitation’. He congratulated the couple in the same chemistry jargon.

The card reads:

The atoms Vithun and Soorya have decided to be the molecules with the activation energies from both the parents. Requesting your latency with reactants and products on the bonding ceremony.

Reaction on Dec 14 from 12:25 pm to 12:40 pm.

Laboratory: ROR Auditorium, Edapazhanzi, Tiruvandrum

Tharoor wrote, “Wishing them all the best for a happy married life! May the chemistry between them always sparkle, the physics feature more light than heat, and the biology result in bountiful offspring.”


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