Shatrughan Sinha wishes PM on Holi, reminds him to address chowkidars’ plight, enhance their lifestyle

The Hush Post| 19:16 pm |one-minute-read

In a fresh swipe at PM Modi, BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha said that his ‘Main bhi hoo Chowkidar’ campaign is hollow rhetoric that lacks punch.

Sinha, whose relationship with the party is all but severed, tweeted on Thursday that the audio address to 25 lakh chowkidars across the nation “may not have gone down well with the people and chowkidars, whose conditions are not desirable.”

With a series of tweets, the BJP rebel Sinha decried the ‘Main bhi hoo Chowkidar’ campaign which is meant to be a riposte to AICC president Rahul Gandhi’s “Chowkidar hi chor hai.”

In his tweets, Sinha conveyed Holi greetings to the Prime Minister before “politely reminding” him on “unanswered questions”. He said, “Happy Holi to you, Sirji. Once again I’ll remind you politely but firmly that don’t get into the sting of the operations of #Chowkidar. The more you are defensive of chowkidar, the more the nation will be reminded of unanswered questions and the Rafale deal which the people have been very desperate to know,”

In another tweet, he further said, “By the way, Sir, in a very sudden, unprepared and defiant mood you address the chowkidars of the nation (so-called 25 lakh, don’t know the basis of this figure, why not 21 or 2.5). May not have gone down well with the people and the chowkidars whose conditions are nor desirable. Most of them live Below the Poverty Line.”

He added, “However, Sir, it is not important that you address them in lakhs or hundred, your rhetoric was quite hollow and lacking punch/content. What was important was to address their plight, enhance their lifestyle, encourage them to live with dignity, better and regular pay scale.”

In his final tweet he said, “Since you are still our PM of the nation, I am still with you… However, wishing you lots of love, luck, best wishes and of course a very colourful Holi.”

Sinha is expected to join the Mahagathbandhan comprising the Congress and the RJD besides several smaller parties. He is likely to be fielded by the Mahagathbandhan from Patna Sahib, the seat he is representing for the second consecutive term.


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