Shocking! Company offers bonus to women employees who wear short skirts and dresses

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A Russian company has announced a bonus to its women employees who turn up to office in short skirts or dresses. Tatprof, the aluminium manufacturer, is running a campaign till the end of this month where the females are ‘encouraged’ to wear short dresses or skirts “no longer than five centimetres from the knee”.

The company is offering 100 Russian Rubles (RUB) or Rs. 106 as an incentive for doing the same. The women are required to share their pictures with the concerned department in order to get the bonus.

Tatprof has labeled the move as a ‘femininity marathon’ and believes it would help improve the team bonding.

“Our team is 70 per cent male. These kinds of campaigns help us switch off, rest. This is a great way to unite the team. Many women automatically wear trousers to work, which is why we hope that our campaign will raise our ladies’ awareness, allowing them to feel their femininity and charm when they make the choice of wearing a skirt or dress,” said a company’s spokesperson.

The move has has faced a heavy backlash from netizens across globe. Social media users termed this campaign as “horrible treatment of women”. Some even opined the “1950’s are alive and well and living in Russia”.

Another user said, “So #Tatprof is running a femininity contest for its employees in Russia, basically it seems so the bosses can gawk over the pictures. Disgusting abuse of power & exploiting women.”

A company spokesperson said that 60 women had already participated in this campaign and declined accusations of sexism.

Tatprof was the upplier for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi and the 2018 football World Cup.


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