US Judge sentences Sikh attacker: “Learn Sikh religion and tell the court what you learned about?”

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“Learn about Sikh religion and submit a report to the court what you learned,” said a US judge while sentencing an Oregon man for an attack on a Sikh shopkeeper in Salem.

According to Sikh Coalition, the largest Sikh civil rights organization in the US, the Marion County Judge Lindsay Partridge pleaded Andrew Ramsey guilty for attacking Harwinder Singh Dodd in a January 14 incident. The court sentenced Ramsey for misdemeanour counts of intimidation and assault on Dodd.

The intimidation count is considered a hate crime and as per witnesses Ramsey pulled on Dodd’s beard after he refused to sell him cigarettes without an ID, punched him and pulled him to the ground.

Harwinder Singh Dodd, who came to US from India, owns a convenience store and in a written statement he informed the court that hate crimes are on rise in America.

On the other hand the local police informed the court that Ramsey threw his shoe at Dodd and snatched his turban too.

While sentencing Ramsey guilty, the court said, “Bigotry is the result of ignorance. All of us are able to learn and benefit from cultures in our community.”

Judge Partridge ordered Ramsey to attend the annual Sikh parade in June in Salem and report to the court what he learned about the Sikh community and culture.

The Judge also sentenced Ramsey to three years of probation and 180 days in jail with credit for time served

The FBI says hate crimes increased by 40 percent in Oregon from 2016 to 2017.

In 2018, members of Sikh community joined with other volunteers to aid 124 immigrants -–many of them Sikhs-who were sent to a federal prison in nearby Sheridan by the Trump administration.


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