Sikh pilgrim Kiran Bala, went missing in Pak on Jumeraat, resurfaces as converted re-married Muslim week later

Indian Sikh woman pilgrim Kiran Bala, who went missing in Pakistan, resurfaces as converted Muslim Amna Bibi and re-married to a Pakistan national
Sikh devotees on pilgrimage in Pakistan.

Curious case of Kiran Bala: The Indian Sikh female pilgrim, who had gone to Pakistan as a member of Indian Sikhs to pilgrimage on occasion of Baisakhi on April 12, had gone missing on April 16

The Hush Post: Kiran Bala, a Sikh female pilgrim to Pakistan from Hoshiarpur district of Punjab (India), who had gone missing in Pakistan on April 16, has resurfaced as converted Muslim Amna Bibi and married to a Pakistani national.

Kiran Bala was a member of 1,700 Indian Sikh pilgrims to Pakistan to visit Sikh shrines on the Baisakhi festival and had gone to Pakistan on April 12. She had reportedly gone missing on April 16 in Pakistan, the Indian and Pakistan media reported.

Indian Sikh woman pilgrim Kiran Bala, who went missing in Pakistan, resurfaces as converted Muslim Amna Bibi and re-married to a Pakistan national
File photo of Kiran Bala.

It was reported on Thursday that Kiran Bala has converted to Islam religion and has married a Pakistan national who hails from Lahore, her family in India reportedly said.

Meanwhile, Kiran Bala’s father-in-law Tarsem Singh has alleged that Kiran Bala may have fallen in the hands of Pakistan’s notorious spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). He has expressed his fear that she could have been forcibly converted to Islam and re-marry in Pakistan.

Kiran Bala’s husband of had died in 2013 at an age of 31. The woman has three children from her first marriage and was living with her in-laws in a village in the Hoshiarpur district’s Garhshankar sub-division.

Kiran Bala had crossed the border on her Indian passport with a Pakistani visa that was valid till April 21.

Various Pakistani dailies have reported that on April 16 Kiran Bala had converted to Islam in Lahore and then married a Lahore resident Muhammed Azam in Pakistan.

It was reported by various dailies that Kiran Bala has requested the Pakistan foreign affairs ministry for an extension of her visa under Amna Bibi name but her signatures have been put as Amina.

Kiran Bala or Amna Bibi has applied for visa extension citing threat to her life in India, a Pakistani newspaper Daily Times has reported. The News, another Pakistani media firm, has posted purported photos of Kiran Bala and her visa extension application on its site.

Kiran Bala’s children are with their grandparents back in India.

“I had dropped my daughter-in-law with SGPC (gurdwara committee) officials in Amritsar on April 10 for the pilgrimage in Pakistan. The jatha is expected to return on April 21,” Kiran Bala’s father-in-law Tarsem Singh told the media persons.

“I cannot believe what has happened. No one has contacted us officially from the SGPC and the foreign ministry. I want my daughter-in-law to be returned safely,” said Tarsem Singh, a village Sikh priest, was quoted as saying.

However, Kiran bala has in conversation with her father-in-law through a television channel categorically said: “I am  happy. I don’t want to come back. If you force me to come back, I will only come back once I am dead.”

Tarsem Singh suspected Kiran Bala may have been in touch with this Pakistani man (whom she has reportedly married) through social media, particularly Facebook. He said Kiran Bala had been seen browsing Facebook on her mobile phone for the past one month, he reportedly said.


  1. Born in a hindu family, she became a Sikh after marrying a Sikh and there was no hue and cry then. And now, when became a Muslim by marrying a Muslim, why has this suddenly become an issue?
    Damn the media to promote such useless story and instigate people communally!


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