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The sense of hearing is one of the precious gifts of God to humans. So is the power to speak. One can only empathize with people who have hearing and speech disorders as it makes their life incomplete. However, efforts to help them sustain themselves, there is help at hand for them at Simran Speech & hearing clinic, Ludhiana.

It is a specialized centre in Ludhiana for people having hearing and speech disorders. With a mission to provide comprehensive and professional audio logic care, they have a great success rate. As a result, numerous patients of different age groups are treated regularly at the clinic.


Dr Navdeep Kanwer, post graduate in audiology, is heading the audiology department. However, he completed his studies from All India Institute of Speech and Hearing (AIISH), Karnataka. Further, he has a great experience in the field.


Consultant Audiologist- Scott Hospital, Lucknow

Audiologist (Grade-1) King George Medical University, Lucknow


Dr Simran Kaur Kanwer holds a master’s degree in Audiology and Speech Language Pathology (MASLP). She completed her studies from Manipal University, Karnataka. However she is heading the speech department here.


Speech Therapist- Deaf & Dumb School, Ludhiana

Audiologist & Speech Language pathologist- Astra Hearing Care, Lucknow

Audiologist & Speech Therapist- ALPS India Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow

These two professionals, along with their experienced staff assure complete care of their patients.

However the clinic provides different services related to hearing disorders. Some are

Hearing Tests

The evaluation of person’s sense of hearing is done.

New born Hearing Screening

Primary objective of this screening is to identify new born babies who may have hearing loss in future.


Physical examine to diagnose the issues of middle ear.

Ear Plugs and Ear Moulds

Both of these equipment aids the sense of hearing of a person.

The speech department of the clinic includes treatment of ailments like


Articulation refers to process through which the sound are formed with one’s tongue, lips, teeth, jaws etc. If there is improper articulation and the pronunciation of certain words is incorrect, then one may have misarticulation issue.


It is a communication disorder involving disruptions in a person’s speech.

Delayed Speech

Alalia is the other name of given to delayed speech. Generally, it refers to delay in the development of speech producing mechanism.


A motor speech disorder resulting from neurological injury of the motor speech system. Generally it is characterized by poor articulation of phonemes.

Contact– +919780220783

Address- 237, New Model Town, Opp. Police Station, Kochar Market, New Model Town, Ludhiana, Punjab


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