Read what happens when you sit more and don’t exercise …

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The more you sit, the more dangerous it is for your health. Our sedentary lifestyle leads to health risks even if one exercises regularly.

There are studies, as evidence, stating that people who sit for a long time are more likely to die early.

Sitting is the new evil, like smoking, nowadays. However, today we’ll REVEAL how true it is .

STUDY 1– An America based Mayo Clinic has researched and found this activity equivalently dangerous to smoking. Also, this research claimed that by increasing the time of walking and exercising, people can fight minor issues as well as major diseases, like cancer and type-2 diabetes. Further, the study warns that constantly sitting may also lead to reduced retention and body strength.

STUDY 2– Another study compared the ones who tend to move around and the ones who sit a lot (both with similar diets). Moreover, it found that the ones who sit more have even more risk of developing heart diseases. This study compared drivers, guards, and people who have a sedentary lifestyle with others.

STUDY 3– Another big study done by Loughborough University and the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom stated many facts on people with a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Their diabetes risk increases by 112 percent
  • They have a 147 percent increase in cardiovascular events such as strokes and heart diseases.
  • They have a 49 per cent increase in death from any cause.
  • Shockingly, they have a 90 percent increase in death from cardiovascular events

What can you do to reduce these dangerous diseases?

  • Exercise for at least half an hour a whole week of six days.
  • Don’t stick to your phones, television, and your chairs much.
  • While you work sitting, get up and do stretching after every half hour.
  • It is necessary to walk 10,000 steps a day.
  • Talking on the phone while walking will be better.
  • Use stairs over the lift

So, if you stick to your chairs and have a sedentary lifestyle, you must lessen your practice and start exercising more.


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