Clash between drug peddlers and Punjab police |One killed after police chase drug peddlers who in turn injure 6 cops

Drug peddlers injure police

The Hush Post| 11:55 am |one-minute-read|

Six policemen were injured as drug peddlers attacked a police party from Bhatinda which raided the neighbouring Desu Yodha village in Sirsa district of Haryana. The incident took place on Wednesday morning.

The Bathinda CIA team raided the village after a tip-off about drug smuggling.

The police party had an argument with the villagers, after which suspected drug peddlers opened fire at the police party and also thrashed them.

The injured police personnel were admitted to Max Hospital here. The condition of one of the policemen who received a bullet is said to be serious.

According to police sources, six policemen were badly wounded. One of them received a bullet while the others were beaten up badly. The drug smugglers also damaged police vehicles.

The number of injured police personnel, though, is not confirmed since police are not speaking about the issue. SSP Nanak Singh said they would give details of the incident in some time.



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