What does your skin need in summers, read on…

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Summers are around the corner. Mostly, people have a lot of misconception related to skin damage in summer. Let’s bust some of them here. To avoid skin tan and other problems related to skin we can follow few very effective skin care tips. Try them this summer and yo’ll find them handy each time.

Face Wash

First step you all follow regularly is washing your face and there are many types of face wash available in the market. But one should choose them according to one’s skin requirement.

For oily skin: For an oily skin we need to use cream based face wash as that helps in controlling the oil.

For dry skin: If you have dry skin then one should use the gel based face wash to keep skin hydrated.


It is extremely important to keep your skin hydrated and best you can do is with the help of a good moisturizer. Again, here you need to use a moisturizer according to our skin type.

For an oily skin you need to use moisturizers which are labeled as oil free or Non Comedoneogenic.

For dry skin one can use any moisturizers which may be gel based or which may keep our skin little hydrated.


With the changing environment, the need to use sunscreens has increased. It is extremely important to use a good amount of sunscreen. A large amount,to be precise two table spoon of sunscreen, will be sufficient for all the exposed body parts such as face, upper chest area and around ears.

According to skin expert Dr Vidushi, Dayanand Medical College, Ludhiana, “Sun screen is like medicine, its effect remains till 3 or 4 hours. So, one needs to apply the cream after few hours. One major myth to bust here is that even housewives working throughout the day at home needs to apply sunscreen, as the harmful UV rays of sun also get into our closed doors.”


Here are some regular easy to follow tips as told by skin expert 

  1. Its vital to wash the face at least two times a day.
  2. Sunscreen of SPF 30 is good enough for an Indian skin tone
  3. Ladies should completely avoid the hair and keratin treatment as the chemicals used in them are not very safe for skin.
  4. One who has oily skin need not apply oil on their hair, especially overnight
  5. Face hygiene is important but body hygiene is equally important.



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