Skin care: Take care of your skin in four easy steps


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A secret to the glowing skin – CTM 

We all hear from teen years to take care of our skin but what we don’t know is the right kind of care routine we need to follow.

So, if you want to take care of your skin and that too the easiest way here is the right piece of information for you. Let’s start with the CTM, it is the most amazing and easy to follow thing on daily basis for both day and night. CTM is a stepwise beauty routine which you can do with natural products at your home.

So here it goes:

C stands for Cleansing

                                                  In the morning your face is full of greasiness and oil. At night you must have welcomed various bacteria dust on your face and rest of the work is done by AC which makes our skin dry.

So, take cleansing milk or you can use coconut oil or raw milk on the cotton and just wipe everything from your face. For a night you can do this to remove makeup.

And if you want you can wash your face with a mild easy facewash. It will act as double-cleaning agent.

T stands for Toning

You can tone your skin after that. Usually, many women take toning as a very light step but that’s not so. Toning is equally important as any other steps in the routine. Take a good toner or just go for Dabur rose water from your home and just sprinkle it on your face.

Toning helps in restoring the ph level of the skin and also tightens the skin. The ph level helps fighting the external bacteria which sits on your skin and other external attacks.

Coming to the last step

M stands for Moisturizing

After all this, it’s very important to moisturize your skin. Take a good moisturizer on your index finger and just spread all over your face or you can use an aloe gel which is very healthy for your skin and also a natural moisturizer. In a month you will see the results on your face which will have a clean and fresh glow.

Then at the end never step out of the house without applying sunscreen so that every other step you have taken can help you make your skin glow.


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