Snakebite victim treated by witchcraft in hospital emergency


The Hush Post| 8:44 pm|one-minute-read|

In a bizarre incident which was caught on camera, a snakebite victim was seen being treated by witchcraft. And all of this happened inside the emergency ward of the district hospital in Sheopur, Madhya Pradesh.

“The matter has come into my notice, if it’s true, then performing witchcraft inside the hospital is a wrong thing to do. The matter will be investigated and action will be taken against the people who are responsible for this,” said SN Bindal of the district hospital.

The incident occurred after a man, identified as Yogendra Singh Rathore, was admitted to the hospital after getting bitten by a snake. Just as Yogendra Singh Rathore was admitted to the hospital he was immediately accosted by a man who started treating him by way of witchcraft.

In a video of the incident, a person can be seen performing witchcraft on the snakebite victim by using neem sticks.

Hospital authorities have stated that they will investigate the matter and take appropriate action.


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