Were some matches in 2011 Cricket World Cup fixed? Al Jazeera sting operation claims they were

Were match in 2011 World Cup fixed

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As a shock to the cricket lovers, especially Indians, a sting operation has claimed that the cricket matches — Tests and ODIs between 2010 and 2012 were marred by spot-fixing.

A leading media organisation Al Jazeera has carried an investigative documentary that says, the fixers had fixed at least 15 cricket matches. This documentary, “The Munawar Files”, indicates that a notorious match-fixing racket is running in international cricket since 2010. The media outfit had earlier carried another documentary on a match-fixer called Aneel Munawar. According to Catch News, some of the matches of 2011 Cricket World Cup were also marred by spot-fixing.

Pakistan, Australian and English players were the ones mostly involved in spot-fixing

Al Jazeera has procured telephone recordings in this regard. These recordings indicate that Aneel Munawar was involved in fixing at least 15 international matches.

As per Munawar, the fixed matches involved some of the world’s leading players and teams like England, Australia, and Pakistan. The investigation revealed that cricket’s governing body, the ICC, knew about Munawar since 2010, the report said.

According to dailymail.co.uk there was a confidential report received by the ICC which hinted that some matches of the 2011 World Cup were also fixed. However, most of the fixing was carried out by Pakistani, Australian and English players. However, Cricket Australia (CA) and England Cricket Board (ECB) have denied the allegations levelled in the documentary and as per the report submitted to the ICC.

The allegedly fixed matches are given below:

  1. Australia vs England, ODI, 21 Jan 2011
  2. Australia vs Zimbabwe, ODI World Cup, 21 Feb 2011
  3. England vs the Netherlands, ODI World Cup, 22 Feb 2011
  4. Australia vs Kenya, ODI World Cup, 13 Mar 2011
  5. South Africa vs England, ODI World Cup, 6 Mar 2011
  6. England vs Bangladesh, ODI World Cup, 11 Mar 2011
  7. England vs India, Test, 21-25 Jul 2011
  8. South Africa vs Australia, Test, 09-11 Nov 2011
  9. Australia vs New Zealand, Test, 09-12 Dec 2011
  10. England vs Pakistan, Test, 17-19 Jan 2012
  11. Pakistan vs England, Test, 25-28 Jan 2012
  12. England vs Pakistan, Test, 03-06 Feb 2012
  13. England vs Afghanistan, T20 World Cup, 21 Sep 2012
  14. South Africa vs Pakistan, T20 World Cup, 28 Sep 2012

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