After BCCI’s showcause, Esha Gupta asks: “Who told you Hardik Pandya is my friend?”

Hardik Pandya Esha Gupta

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After the Hardik Pandya and KL Rahul controversy over sexist remarks on the Koffeee With Karan show, here’s how Hardik Pandya’s ‘girlfriend’ Esha Gupta reacted about his anti-woman, mysogynistic comments.
After getting a show cause notice from BCCI, the cricketers were banned from playing the first India versus Australia match, which was scheduled on Saturday.
Since the controversy has kicked in, Hardik is on the losing side. After his comments, men shaving razor brand Gillette dissociated themselves from the cricketer. Later, Khar Gymkhana cancelled Pandya’s membership.
And then Hardik’s rumoured girlfriend Esha Gupta too reacted on the controversy. At an event, when Esha was asked for her opinion on Hardik’s comments, the actress first asked, “Who is the one who told you, he is my friend?”
Further, commenting on the Koffee With Karan controversy, she said, “Firstly, women should not compare themselves with men. We are the best in every respect. I don’t want anyone to feel bad, but why don’t you give birth to a child? We suffer from periods five days every month and even then we have to dance, go to an office, and take care of the children. When you can do all this, you become superior.”
The joint secretary of the Khar Gymkhana Club Gaurav Kapadia said, “We gave him the honorary membership, which we give to sportspersons of national level, because he was doing some rehab in our neighbourhood. In the wake of this controversy — we’ve a social media handle where we have around 4,000 members on Facebook — there was a huge outcry and a lot of members, especially a lot of women members, were upset and felt that the club should take some step. So, we had a managing committee meeting today (Monday) evening, in which we unanimously decided that we’re revoking his honorary membership.”

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