ICC Cricket World Cup fixtures 2019 | India to play Pakistan on June 16

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Here are the fixtures of the upcoming and most-awaited cricket tournament, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.

30 May ENG vs RSA 2:30pm

31 May WI vs PAK 2:30pm

01 June NZ vs SL 2:30pm

01 June AFG vs AUS 5:30pm

02 June RSA vs BD 2:30pm

03 June ENG vs PAK 2:30pm

04 June AFG vs SL 2:30pm

05 June RSA vs IND 2:30pm

05 June BD vs NZ 5:30pm

06 June AUS vs WI 2:30pm

07 June PAK vs SL 2:30pm

08 June ENG vs BD 2:30pm

08 June AFG vs NZ 5:30pm

09 June IND vs AUS 2:30pm

10 June RSA vs WI 2:30pm

11 June BD vs SL 2:30pm

12 June AUS vs PAK 2:30pm

13 June IND vs NZ 2:30pm

14 June ENG vs WI 2:30pm

15 June SL vs AUS 2:30pm

15 June RSA vs AFG 5:30pm

16 June IND vs PAK 2:30pm

17 June WI vs BD 2:30pm

18 June ENG vs AFG 2:30pm

19 June NZ vs RSA 2:30pm

20 June AUS vs BD 2:30pm

21 June ENG vs SL 2:30pm

22 June IND vs AFG 2:30pm

22 June WI vs NZ 5:30pm

23 June PAK vs RSA 2:30pm

24 June BD vs AFG 2:30pm

25 June ENG vs AUS 2:30pm

26 June NZ vs PAK 2:30pm

27 June WI vs IND 2:30pm

28 June SL vs RSA 2:30pm

29 June PAK vs AFG 2:30pm

29 June NZ vs AUS 5:30pm

30 June ENG vs IND 2:30pm

01 July SL vs WI 2:30pm

02 July BD vs IND 2:30pm

03 July ENG vs NZ 2:30pm

04 July AFG vs WI 2:30pm

05 July PAK vs BD 2:30pm

06 July SL vs IND 2:30pm

06 July AUS vs RSA 2:30pm

09 July 1st semi-final 2:30pm

11 July 2nd semi-final 2:30pm

14 July FINALS 2:30pm

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