WATCH VIDEO; Russian men, women kiss, touch breast, harass visitors in FIFA 2018

Columbian reporter

The Hush Post: Did Russia anticipate it? Of course, it did about its women wanting to go out on date with visitors visiting Russia during the FIFA’s 2018 football bonanza. But here it just just date. Men and women were out to grope visitors, men or women. Recently, videos emerged of how sports reporters at the soon-to-end FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia were groped and kissed by jubilant football fans went viral, both men and women.

The Columbian reporter Gonzalez Theran was giving her piece to camera when a Russian man came out of nowhere, kissed and groped her, and then went on his way!

“While on air, a man came out of nowhere and forcibly kissed her cheek and grabbed her breasts,” reported.

Though, he later issued an apology to Theran.

A couple of days later, a clip of a South Korean male reporter being kissed by Russian female fans of football that has got the Internet debating over sexual harassment.

According to a report by the BBC, the incident happened on June 28, while Jeon Gwang-ryeol, a reporter with MBN, a South Korean TV channel, was kissed on his cheek twice by revellers at the game. He looked flustered and laughed off what happened, but nonetheless, got the Internet arguing over whether this could be categorised as sexual harassment or not.

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