School run by Art of Living guru Sri Sri Ravishankar ‘rusticates’ 5 students after parents resent undue fee hike

sri sri ravishankar scholo rusticates students

The Hush Post: Five students studying in the Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir in Kochi have accused the school authorities of throwing out five students whose parents had questioned an ‘unreasonable’ fee hike.

The school is associated with Art of Living guru Sri Sri Ravishankar. The five students have alleged that they were forcibly issued Transfer Certificates (TCs) by the school management.
According to a news report, the students in question studying in classes 8 to class 9 alleged that they were locked inside the school library by teachers for failing to pay the hiked fees. They also alleged they heard their parents being verbally abused by the school staff.

Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir at Kochi in Kerala.

The TCs accessed by the news channel show that the students were rusticated for ‘non-payment of fees’. The parents are now mulling legal action against the management. “The school has violated the CBSE rule that the students should not be given transfer certificated without informing the parents,” one of the parents said, adding that they will not pay the increased fee. According to CBSE rules, a Transfer Certificate (TC) cannot be issued to students for non-payment of fees.
Parents say the school had arbitratrily hiked the fees for students by 20 percent in 2017. The Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) had protested and approached the State Child Welfare Commission which arbitrated a settlement.

According to the agreement reached between the PTA and the school management shows, it was decided that the school would reduce the hiked fee by 10 per cent this year (2018), if the parents agreed to pay a hiked (20%) fee for 2017.

However, parents say the school management did not reduce the fees in 2018 as decided, prompting them to stop paying fees.
The school principal GG Rajelekshmy when confronted by the news channel said that the decision was uniformly taken by the school management.


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