St Stephen’s College admission panel to now have Church nominee; teachers protest

The Hush Post|01:40 pm| 2-min-read
The interview panel for undergraduate admissions at St Stephen’s College, Delhi, this year will include one member of the Church of North India. It was during a meeting held with the staff council on Monday that the Principal John Varghese announced the decision.
The college’s Supreme Council comprises six members of the Church of North India (CNI) and the new panelist will be one amongst them.
It is for the first time that a non-academic person from outside the faculty of the college has been made a member of the admissions procedure of the undergraduates.
The announcement has been met with strong criticism. One, it brings the college’s admission process under a conflict of interest. Two, it is against clause IV and V of the college constitution.
Three members of the governing body of the college Nandita Narain, Associate Professor, department of Mathematics;, N P Ashley, Assistant Professor, department of English; Abhishek Singh, Assistant Professor, department of Economics, have taken strong objection to the inclusion of the non-academic member in the admission process.
They also pointed out that in a governing body meeting held on March 14, no such decision was announced by the principal. “He has made this unilateral announcement in the Staff Council,” they said.
This is the second attempt by the college administration to increase the influence of the Curch. Earlier, Valson Thampu, Principal of the college in 2015 had moved an amendment proposal to increase influence of the supreme council in admission and faculty appointment. 21 teachers of the college had then filed a petition in the high court to scutlle the move. It was also against a DU statute, which could have made the college lose its affiliation. So, the proposal could not see the light of the day.


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