College student hangs himself to death as girlfriend focused on education over marriage

The Hush Post | 5:30 pm | One-minute read

An 18-year-old boy in Jaipur hanged himself to death in a hotel on Wednesday after he had a fight with his girlfriend. His girlfriend and the hotel staff rushed him to the hospital but he could not be saved.

According to a news report, the deceased was a second-year BA student who had gone to a hotel with his girlfriend on Wednesday evening. An official reportedly said, “An argument broke out between the two over their future plans. The boy wanted to get married soon while the girl wanted to focus on her career.”

The girl reportedly told officials that the boy was sitting quietly on the bed when she went to the washroom. But when she came out, she saw him hanging from the ceiling fan.

She immediately untangled the boy from the rope and called the hotel staff. SHO (Amber) Rajendra Singh Charan informed that the boy was alive but unconscious when the hotel staff reached. After that, the police informed the parents.

The father of the deceased works in the government dispensary. When the police questioned the girl, she said that there was just a normal discussion between them and they did not fight.            

The girl told the police that she was preparing for recruitment tests and also told the boy that they should focus on their studies.


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