School students seen cleaning toilet in MP, district collector says nothing wrong

The Hush Post | 2:15 pm | One-minute read

Two boys of a government school in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh were seen cleaning the school toilet in a video.

The video was reportedly shot by a relative of a student when he saw the boys cleaning the toilet.

When he asked one of the boys, he reportedly said that the school principal had asked them to clean the toilet for extra five marks in the exams.

JS Raghuvanshi, District Education Officer said that an officer has been sent to the village for inquiry.

However, District Collector Tanvi Soundriyal reportedly said that there was nothing wrong if the students cleaned the toilets.

She said, “It would have been wrong if the teacher had asked students from a particular community to do so. There is nothing wrong if all the students are doing it.”


  1. Students should be made to clean their schools themselves if we are to make the Swatch Bharat abhiyan a success. We should follow the lead of Japan in this matter. I fully agree with the district collector for her views that if no one from a particular community is being singled out for doing the cleaning work there should be no problem. This should be the norm in all schools not just government schools.


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