This summer refresh yourselves with these cool drinks!

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Welcome the season of juices, liquids but hot and lazy weather as well. We all love to have cold drinks in summer which gives us relaxation in this sweaty and hot weather.

Such drinks are even important for maintaining our body temperature in such hot surroundings.

But we might get bored of consuming similar type of drinks or become too lazy to make something fancy for us.

So here are few very easy instant drinks to consume this summer which will definitely freshen your mood.


Coconut water

Coconut water is one of the best drinks you can have in summers. It is the best treatment to most of your problems.


  • It balances the fluid and increases energy level of the body
  • It lowers blood pressure and helps fight diseases like diabetes, low hydration, kidney stones and heart health

You can easily buy it from the market for Rs 40-50


Usually, called lassi in the North, buttermilk is the traditional drink of Punjab and is very good for health. One can go for sweet flavored lassi or namkeen lassi as per one’s preference.


  • It is a digestive aid to your body
  • It is low in fats


Buttermilk is very easy to prepare at home. You need curd, water, black salt, coriander leaves and ice cubes. Mix all the ingredients in the mixing jar except coriander leaves and blend it well. Pour the drink in the glass and garnish it with coriander leaves. Serve it chilled.


One must have lemonade or lime water or nimbupani in summers. and very easy to make.


  • It is great for hydration
  • Great source of Vitamin C
  • Helps in weight loss

To prepare lemonade at home, you need water, lemon, sugar (according to your choice) and black salt. If you want sweet lemonade, then mix sugar in a glass of water. Then squeeze one lemon and add black salt into it. Serve chilled.


If you have liking for sweetness in drinks then you must have the very famous ‘ganne ka juice’ as it is usually called.


  • Great source of calcium and iron
  • Great source of potassium

You can get easily get it on roadside shacks for Rs 10-20 .


One of the best sources of lessening dehydration in your body is to have watermelon juice.


  • Contains nutrients and compounds which prevent cancer
  • Helps you hydrate your body
  • Relieves muscle pain

One can easily prepare it at home. Just cut the watermelon into pieces and grind it in mixer. Add salt to taste.


Jaljeera is one of the bests drink for those who like tangy taste, bit of sour and spicy taste. If you are bored of all those sweet drinks, then this could be a good replacement.


  • Freshens you
  • A great digestive aid

You can get Jaljeera powder from the market and add water to it.  It is all set to consume.


Many people love summers just because of mangoes. So everybody loves to have aam panna in summer because of its tangy taste.


  • Full of nutrients
  • Prevents dehydration and diarrohea

You can get ready made aam panna mix of various brands.


Best way to get all nutrients of a dairy product is through smoothies. Basically, this is a smooth and tasty blend of fruits and yogurt. It is the best drink you can have pre and post workout.


  • Great source of energy
  • Improves digestion and immunity system

Smoothies are also very easy to make like shakes. Just blend your favorite fruit and yogurt together. Add honey to taste.



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