India’s territory to crunch in next 80 years…Details inside

Chennai waters

The Hush Post| 15:17 pm |three-minute-read|

India’s territory will crunch in the next about 80 years. The reason for this is that the Bay of Bengal waters on Chennai and surrounding areas will close in on the city. As per a study the water levels are rising and will soon start engulfing the beaches.

A stretch between Adyar near Foreshore Estate to Thiruvanmiyur according to a study carried out by researchers from Anna University and National Water Centre, UAE University found that Chennai could face the problem of parts of it submerging under water by 2100 AD.

In the last 60 years, 3.6 mm rise in sea-levels has already been noticed in the coastal areas adjoining Bay of Bengal. As per a study carried out in 2007, one metre rise in sea level could engulf 60 km beaches.

The rise in sea-level will also impact Sri Lanka, Maldives and Lakshwadweep Islands. But the biggest loser in this natural course of rise in sea level will be India.

An area of 35 sq kms with Bay of Bengal in the east, Adyar in the north, Buckingham Canal in the west and Muttukadu backwaters to identify the impact of the rise of sea level and tidal effects on complex aquifiers.

There are at least 20 cities across the world parts of which will be submerged under the water, such as Jakarta, Lagos, Miami, Mumbai, Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok, Dhaka and Alexandria.

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