Spycam used to film women in bathrooms, bedroom by hostel owner

spycam on unsuspecting women

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In a shocker, women who had rented out room at a hostel run by Sampath Raj alias Sanjeev at Adambakkam had no clue that they were being secretly filmed. Tis, until a hidden camera fell off from a plug socket inside the bathroom. That was just one of the many cameras installed at all strategic locations to see women during private moments (changing clothing, etc)!
48-year-old Raj had put up hidden camera all across the house in sockets, bulbs, hanger and in his wrist watches. The women shuddered to even think that every time Sampath came to the house, he used to clandestinely film them using his black and red wrist watch.
Sampath is a BE graduate from Trichy. He came to Chennai hoping of making it big in the real estate business. However, soon he started suffering losses. In October he placed an advertisement asking women to rent out his room. Soon six women occupied the premises.
However, before these women could moved in, Sampath fitted many hidden devices all around the house. “Being an engineering graduate, he fixed all cameras himself to ensure that no one got to know about it,” said Adambakkam police inspector Murali.
According to police, Sampath installed sound-activated cameras in the bathrooms. The camera remains on standby mode for up to 500 hours. Whenever it senses noise – of the bathroom door being opened or of a tap being opened – it begins to film. It can record footage of up to 4 hours.
Sampath frequented the house many times saying he wanted to repair. Instead he would collect footage, the police added.

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