Adultery verdict fallout: Wife ends life as husband justifies his affair citing Supreme Court judgement

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The Hush Post: In an incident that can be termed as a fallout of Supreme Court’s verdict on extra-marital affairs, a woman ended her life as her husband justified his affair citing the apex court judgment.

The incident occurred in Chennai where a woman committed suicide on Saturday. She did so as her husband told her that she had no right to stop him from an extramarital affair.

The 24-year-old woman took this extreme step at her home due to her husband’s extra-marital affair, a report said.

Her 27-year-old husband allegedly told her that she could not stop his affair as the apex court has decriminalised adultery. Her husband is a watchman.

Notably, on September 27, the Supreme Court had struck down a 158-year-old law that considers adultery to be an offence.

The deceased had reportedly married her husband two years ago. Later, she got tuberculosis (TB) after which her husband distanced himself from her.

When she came to know about her husband’s affair, she confronted him about the same. She reportedly asked him to leave the other woman. At this, the husband did not agree. After this, she ended her life.

The cops are now questioning her husband.

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