Army cadet proposes to girlfriend on passing out parade, she…

Army cadet proposes to his girlfriend

The Hush Post: Here is an Indian Army cadet on his passing out parade proposing to his girlfriend.

September 8 turned out to be a big day in two ways for Army cadet Thakur Chandresh Singh.

The 25-year-old became an officer of the Indian Army in the Rajputana Rifles. But he also got the love of his life.

After graduating from the Officer Training Academy (OTA) in Chennai, he went down on his knees to propose to his long-term girlfriend. She hid her face and then said a coy yes.Army cadet proposes to his girlfriend

The photo of Chandresh and his lady love Dhara Mehta was posted on Instagram. In just two days, the post has garnered over 34,000 likes.

Chandresh says that it was not a spontaneous moment for him. He had planned it the day he got recommended for the Army.

The two have been in a relationship for the past three-and-a-half years. He also said that he had shown Dhara’s picture to his parents three years ago and told them that she is the one. However, he added that he had to prove himself first and ‘fulfil’ his dream. And he did so.

Both Chandresh and Dhara met at St Joseph College of Arts and Science in Bangalore in 2012 where both were students. He recalled that for the first two years, the duo just shared pleasantries but in the third year, they spent more time together. He said that Dhara was the one to confess her love first while he took a year to respond as he wanted to prepare for the Services Selection Board. When he failed in the first attempt, he looked back at those who supported him during the tough times and realised how Dhara had firmly backed him through all the difficult days.

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