Rajnikanth’s 2.0 beats Avengers; It’s a must watch

2.0 review

Movie Review

Title: – 2.0

Genre: – Sci-fi- action Film; 2 hr 26 min

Rating: – ***

Cast: – Rajnikanth (as Dr Vaseega), Akshay Kumar (as Dr Richard) and Amy Jackson (as Nila)

Directed by: – Shankar Shanmugham


Chitti is back with yet another powerpack action thriller. The fight between good and evil continues which gives a full entertaining dose for 2 hours. Yes, not many people are a fan of the robotic story but still, movie cast is strong to cover up for that.

Special effects and prosthetics used in the movie are to look forward to. There is much happening in the movie in just 2 hours such as film opens where a man hangs himself up, towers are crushed, the city is in mayhem, a scientist is picked up to prevent the upcoming calamity and much more.

Akshay Kumar playing the antagonist for the first time ever, so it’s a much-justified reason to look for his special role in this Tamil thriller. In the movie, Akshay Kumar is frustrated against the use of mobile phone sellers and users.

Amy Jackson plays another important part in the film. She looks perfectly fine in her robotic-mechanical image. She is the perfect choice for such a big screen to share with God of Tamil film industry, Rajnikanth.

Overall the film is worth your money and for kids, the movie is truly a good watch. Otherwise, the cast which includes Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar is a reason enough for you to spend money.

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