Woman claims to be Jayalalithaa’s daughter; TN govt says Jaya was never pregnant; gives proof of Filmfare Award function footage

Woman claims to be Jayalalithaa’s daughter; TN govt says Jaya was never pregnant
Late Jayalalithaa

The Tamil Nadu govt claims that the footage of Filmfare Award was taken a month before Amrutha Sarathy, who claims to be deceased leader’s daughter, was born

The Hush Post: After a Bengaluru woman approached the Madras High Court claiming to be deceased Jayalalithaa’s daughter, the government of Tamil Nadu has given the footage of Filmfare Award Function as evidence that the Late leader was never pregnant.

Recently a Bengaluru woman, Amrutha Sarathy, had moved the Madras High Court with the claims that she is the daughter of Jayalalithaa. Following this on Tuesday, the Tamil Nadu government has submitted ‘video evidence’ that the late Chief Minister had never been pregnant, a report said.

Vijay Narayan, the advocate general (AG) of the Tamil Nadu played an old video clip –that showed Jayalalithaa at the 1980 Filmfare Awards– to Justice Vaidyanathan as a proof that the Late Chief Minister had not been pregnant at the time Amrutha Sarathy claims to have been born, the report said.

As per a report by the Hindustan Times, the AG reportedly said, “This was filmed just a month before the birth of Amrutha and the court can see that there are no signs of pregnancy.”

A video on YouTube of the Filmfare Awards 1980 shows the former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa for a split second. But a source in the magazine told TNM that perhaps the government got more footage from Doordarshan which used to telecast the awards that time, it was reported.

Immediately after Jayalalithaa’s death, a Bengaluru-based woman Amrutha Sarathy had come forward, claiming to be the daughter of Jayalalithaa.

In December 2017, the Madras High Court decided to allow Amrutha Sarathy’ petition, who moved the High Court asking for a DNA test to be conducted to validate her claim. The woman also asked that Jayalalithaa’s body be exhumed and cremated as per Brahmin rituals, the report said.

Amrutha said in her petition that she was born on August 14, 1980, at Jayalalithaa’s Mylapore residence in Chennai. She claimed that immediately after her birth, an “understanding” was arrived at between Jayalalithaa and the family members that her birth would not be disclosed, to “uphold the dignity of the family as they belong to a very religious, orthodox and cultured Brahmin family” and her birth would come as a shock to everyone.

The Tamil Nadu government stated on Tuesday that Amrutha Sarathy is after Jayalalithaa’s properties.

On the other hand, Amrutha Sarathy’s lawyer had cited the ND Tiwari case where the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was asked to undergo DNA test.

A report in DTNext said that senior counsel V Prakash, appearing for Amrutha argued that the state should have no reason to refrain from DNA since it would clearly establish facts. As an alternative, the counsel proposed that the test should at least be done on Deepa, Jayalalithaa’s niece and checked with the female lineage of Amrutha’s family, the report said.

Jayalalithaa’s nephew Deepak Jayaraman had accused Amrutha in February this year that Amrutha was fabricating claims in order to get Jayalalithaa’s properties. Deepak’s counsel reportedly said that Amrutha was 37 years and hence, should have had some identity proof if her claims were true, the report said.

After hearing both sides, Madras High Court Justice Vaidyanathan, who remarked that everything in the case was a question mark, adjourned the matter for next week.

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