Elderly couple fight armed robbers with buckets, stools and slipper | WATCH VIDEO

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An elderly couple aged 70 and 65 bravely fought armed robbers with slippers and plastic chairs after the two miscreants entered their home. The incident that took place at 9 pm on Sunday was captured on CCTV cameras at the couple’s home in Kalyanipuram, Tamil Nadu.

The video shows that Shanmugavel (70) sitting in the porch of his house, reaches out to pick a paper. This is when a masked man comes from behind and puts a piece of cloth around the neck, trying to choke him. However, he struggles, shouts and kicks the man to get free. Meanwhile, his wife,  Senthamarai (65) comes out running. This is when another intruder is seen in the CCTV footage. Here’s the video:

Without wasting any time, the elderly couple shows tremendous bravery. Shanmugavel’s wife Senthamarai starts throwing slippers kept at the door one by one at the intruder trying to strangle her. From chairs to a stool, she then starts throwing everything she could find at the house entrance.

As a slipper hits one of the intruders, Shanmugavel frees himself, gets up and takes on the two miscreants. He kicks them, throws a chair at them even as the intruders try to scare the couple with sickle and machete.

Tired of struggle, one of the robbers backs off while the second continues to threaten the couple. However, the brave elderly couple manages to scare off the robbers who then flee the house.

Police said an FIR has been filed but the accused are yet to be identified and arrested.




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