Seven-year-old Yasin finds Rs 50,000 returns to rightful owner, Rajinikanth says, will sponsor his education


The Hush Post: A seven-year-old boy Yasin found an amount of Rs 50,000 and then he ensured it reached the owners. Yasin studies in Class 2 at the Panchayat Union Primary School in Chinna Semur near Kani Ravuthar Kulam in Erode district. On Thursday, the boy found a wallet on the road on his way to school.rajinikant

The wallet had Rs 50,000 of Rs 500 and Rs 100 denominations. Yasin went to the school and handed it over to his school principal. The principal gave it to the Superintendent of Police. Yasin was appreciated for his gesture but his biggest fan turned out to be a man, who is the most respected figure in Tamil Nadu – Rajni Kanth. The superstar praised Yasin and also offered to sponsor his studies.

Rajinikanth on Sunday had invited Yasin and his family to his residence at Poes Garden and praised his parents and the young boy. “In this age where people cheat, thieve and kill even for a little money, he (Yasin) said that this is not my money and handed it over. What honesty, really. It is a great quality,” Rajinikanth said speaking to the media.rajinikant-Yasin

He said that he will keep sponsoring his education even after school. “He is studying in a government school now. So let him continue studying there. After this, whatever he desires to study I will sponsor him. He is a big inspiration to everyone and every child,” Rajinikanth said.

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