Teacher sacked in Telangana for giving zero marks instead of 99

The Hush Post | 8:25 pm | One-minute read

Telangana Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) on Sunday suspended a teacher and fined another for giving zero marks to a student instead of giving 99. The Board took action after a three member committee submitted its report to the government.

BIE announced on Sunday that it has imposed a fine of Rs. 5,000 on Uma Devi, a teacher of a private school. Uma Devi had evaluated the Telugu answer sheet of Navya, a 12th standard student. Instead of giving her 99 marks, she awarded her a zero. The school management has also sacked Uma Devi.

BIE also suspended Vijay Kumar, a teacher of tribal welfare school. Vijay Kumar served as a scrutiniser but failed to notice the blunder.

The goof-up has triggered a spate of suicide by students with over 20 students ending their lives. Massive protests have reputed in the state with parents, students’ bodies and opposition parties demanding action against the higher board authorities. Besides, action has been sought against Globerana Technologies, an IT company which was found guilty of the blunder.

Suicide by 20 students has forced the government to announce free re-evaluation of the answer sheets of over 3 lakh students.


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