Teacher staples lips of “loudmouth” student to make him quiet; arrested

Teacher staples lips of “loudmouth” student; arrested
Teacher Dorothy Fransen.

The Hush Post: A high school teacher in Springfield, Missouri, was arrested recently for sealing the lips of a teenager student by stapling them with a stapler in order to make him keep quiet. The 61-year-old teacher accused the 17-year-old student to be a “loudmouth”.

The witnesses at the Central High School said that teacher Dorothy Fransen became very angry after one of her students, Jeremy Dunlop (17), kept interrupting her class and making jokes about her physique, a report said.

Teacher staples lips of “loudmouth” student; arrested
Teacher Dorothy Fransen.

Teacher Dorothy Fransen reportedly tackled the student and held him on the ground while stapling his lips more than 45 times, it was reported.

Another student Amanda Jones, who is an eyewitness to the incident, said teacher Dorothy Fransen “completely lost it” after the young man made a joke about her weight, the report said.

“She was just enraged! She yelled ‘This will shut you up, you little fucker!’ and just jumped on him. She held him down and then she began stapling his lips over and over again,” Amanda Jones was quoted as saying in the report.

Justin Reynolds, another eyewitness, said that he tried to help his classmate, but was kicked by an angry Dorothy Fransen. “I tried to pull her off Jeremy and the first time she violently pushed me away. When I tried again, she kicked me in the guts with her high heels,” Justin Reynolds was quoted as saying.

Luckily, two cops from the Springfield Missouri Police Department were already on the site and Dorothy Fransen was arrested within five minutes of the assault on teenager student, the report said.

Teacher Fransen now faces a total of 21 criminal charges, including five charges of aggravated assault, and could now face up to 110 years in jail.

Robert Monroe, the lawyer of teacher Dorothy Fransen, reportedly said that her violent reaction was due to the fact that she was being harassed by Jeremy Dunlop regularly.

Lawyer Monroe claims that teacher Fransen is, in fact, the victim in this story and that she “temporarily lost contact with reality” as a result of the harassment.


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