Apple iPhone 6s Plus to be made in India

The Hush Post: Trial production of the iPhone 6s Plus, one of the highest selling models of the Apple iPhone, have begun at the Bengaluru facility of its contract manufacturer, Wistron.

A new assembly line for the production of Apple’s highest selling iPhone has been set up at the facility and commercial production is expected to start in the coming few weeks.

With the iPhone 6s Plus now being produced locally, the price of the phone may see a drop of nearly 7 per cent. This would make it level with the prices of many OnePlus phones, as well as premier Samsung phones.

“However, the price correction may not be reflected immediately since Wistron will not be able to fully meet the entire requirement of iPhone 6s Plus in India and imports from China will continue. Eventually, as the local capacity gains scale the prices will get corrected,” a senior Apple executive told the Times of India.

It is estimated that the iPhone 6s Plus contributes to nearly one-third of all iPhone sales in the country. The other locally assembled iPhone, the iPhone SE, only contributes about 15 per cent of total sales in the country.

Apple is also in talks with its component vendors and contract manufacturers to expand local sourcing, which will also include components.

As per sources, Apple has also expanded its local sourcing initiative,which now includes chargers, adapters and packaging boxes. Thus, Apple now has five sourcing plants in India, as opposed to merely one, in early 2017.

Apple has also added Finland’s Salcomp’s facility in Tamil Nadu and China’s Shenzhen YUTO Packaging Technology plant in Bengaluru for global sourcing, along with Wistron.

While Salcomp manufactures chargers and adapter for iPhones, Shenzhen YUTO packaging manufactures packaging products.

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