Apple smart watch has an ECG scanner, its medical emergency equipment


The Hush Post: The announcement from Apple’s annual iPhone event on Tuesday was not a set of three new smartphones, but a smartwatch. The smartwatch takes the cake hands down. It is almost a medical emergency equipment. So if you have a heart patient, you can scan the ECG of the patient.

The Apple Watch Series 4 — with its rounded corners and big display, and built-in EKG scanner — is the most sought-after gadget. While thousands of people have bemoaned having to choose between the iPhone XS and XR, or are simply forgoing a mobile upgrade entirely, the Series 4 stood out for how simple of a purchase it is.smartwatch

Apple has achieved excellence by consistently improving its hardware and software with each new iteration. Just like the early days of the iPhone, each new Apple Watch adds something exciting and impressive, from the water-resistance of the Series 2 to the cellular connectivity of the Series 3. Now, with the Series 4, Apple has added a built-in EKG scanner and the first hardware design overhaul the watch has had since its inception.

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